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"I Love This System"

The guidance is clear and really easy to follow. The step by step process really helps parents support their teens to gain an “unfair” advantage. The module about “calm” and helped reduce my stress massively too.

Michael has had huge success helping teens unlock what they have learned but just couldn’t recall. Check out his case study on Dan in Chapter 5 of the book bonus.

This system is an absolute must if you have a teen (in fact any child!) about to start working towards sitting their exams."

Simon Chaplin

Parent, Author, Managing Director

"Buy This System"

"If you love your teenager, you'll buy a copy of The Unfair Student Advantage and work through it. The suggestions are simple, yet brilliant."

Daniel Barnett

Parent, Barrister and presenter on LBC Radio

"I Wish I'd Had This System"

Having struggled at school myself and yet somehow ended up as a city lawyer and then helped my daughters who had similar struggles and yet ended up as professional with 2 degrees each, I wish this system had been around to make the journey easier when each of us was learning how to negotiate school, college and university.

The key distinction is the difference between what is taught and what is learnt and this system gives you and your teen a very simple system Leveraged, Layered Learning together with the mindset and encouragement to gain the advantage and achieve their potential in learning and in life!"

Jane Gunn

Parent, Author, Lawyer and Mediator
AKA The Barefoot Mediator

"Full Of Practical Tips"

"A refreshingly clear system that does what it says on the tin. Free of the usual patronising guff of similar courses, it offers practical tools, tips, techniques and ideas. Every great teacher will have a copy of this system (but probably keep it hidden out of view).

Michael has a lovely energy for his subject that stops this being a system about cramming (and we don’t need another one of those). Surprisingly this system is not (just) about passing exams; it is about an approach and philosophy to life!

I suspect your teen will thank you for buying this system. Maybe not now but when they are ready.

Robert Craven

Parent, Author, International Business Speaker & Business Growth Consultant

Layered Leveraged Learning (£2997 Value)
Study Skill Development Tools (£97 Value)
Calm & Relaxed For Teens (£557 Value)
Student Success Mindset Masterclass (£331 Value)
Memory Improvement For Teens (£297 value)
Rev Up Your Revisions (£397 Value)
Student Subliminal Success System (£297 Value)

Normally £997, But For A Limited Time Just £497 (Including VAT).

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How To Give Your Teen An Unfair Student Advantage eBook + AudioBook
How To Support Your Teen In Learning And In Life 

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Normally £997, But For A Limited Time EVERYTHING Just £497 (Including VAT).

"By applying some of his suggestions my revision became more effective because I was able to remember the stuff I had revised far more easily"


Medical Student

"Because of this information, my son achieved the grades he needed to move on from ’school’ to enrol on the vocational course he always wanted to do."



"I am so much more confident in my ability to perform in exams and in the knowledge that I know I can do it."



"What Hannah’s got really from this programme is not just preparation for her final year but really some life skills and strategies and a toolbox of resources that she can take forward into her career and honestly I wish I’d had this at her age. It’s been a wonderful experience."



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